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How important are mouth guards for sport?

If you are playing a contact sport, the importance of custom made, bi-laminate (double layered) mouth guards cannot be underestimated!  Custom made mouth guards are a relatively cheap "insurance policy" for your teeth and the bone that holds them in place in your upper jaw.  Wearing you mouth guard while playing is, of course, important, but so too is wearing it at training - in fact just as many mouth injuries happen at training as during the game.  Our dentists suggest that mouth guards are essential for football, basketball, hockey, martial arts and even soccer.

Custom made mouth guards are comfortable to wear because they are made just for you!  Many people often complain that the "boil and bite" mouth guards are a bit flimsy and uncomfortable to wear and they certainly can't talk easily with them in.  A custom made mouth guard will fit snugly and will extend beyond the teeth that you can see to help protect the supporting bone.  Since they are so comfortable, they are more likely to be worn, which is of course important!  We can even have your mouth guard made with your name in, so a lost one will be more likely to make it back to you!

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